COLORADO SPRINGS — The City of Colorado Springs is launching a new initiative aimed at reducing litter and trash found around the city.

The initiative is called Keep It Clean COS, and was created after the city received a thousand complaints about trash just last year. The new plan will focus on cleaning up trash from medians, streets, and highways, and also challenge people at home to clean up their own property or business.

“Unfortunately, think we have a lot of citizens that just don’t for one reason or another, aren’t as mindful as they should be in being careful to make sure they’re not generating litter. Some I just flat out see throwing down stuff right after they use it,” said Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers on Monday at a press conference.

The $2.7 million initiative is funded from the city’s federal reserves. With the money, the city will purchase four new street sweepers and add more workers out on the roads to remove trash.

That’s where the community comes in.

As they want you to help pick up around your home and neighborhood. By hosting a clean up event or report to the city when you see problem areas.

“We’re putting out a community challenge to businesses and private citizens alike. To clean up your private property, to secure your trash and be a good steward of our city’s beauty and esthetics,” Suthers said.

To celebrate the pending arrival of the new street sweepers, the city launched a “name the street sweeper” promotion for one of the new sweepers. Residents are invited to submit names for consideration, the more creative, the better!

To submit your name ideas, and to learn more about how you can help clean up our city, head over to

The winning name will be announced in May.

Mayor Suthers also announced a new citywide award for cleaning up too through a new “Keep It Clean COS Spirit of the Springs Award.”

The award will be given annually to a single person or volunteer community group. To nominate, visit the city’s website.