How to stay safe in the heat


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Temperatures continue to climb across Southern Colorado and many people are trying to find ways to beat the heat and stay safe.

Dr. Ian Tullberg, medical director for UCHealth urgent cares said heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common this time of the year.

“We’ve all been out there you get maybe a little headachy, you start getting a little tired and maybe you even get a little bit nauseous. Those are the beginnings of heat exhaustion that just means you need to get out of the sun and you need to start cooling down,” Dr. Tullberg said.

Tullberg said the signs for each illness could be as simple as a headache, feeling tired, and or nauseous. 

He said pay attention to what your body is telling you early. Dress appropriately for the hot weather by wearing light-colored clothing and stay hydrated.

“Be prepared , wherever you go you need to make sure you’re bringing water. So you go do the Incline- bring water, you go to the park- bring water. That’s really one of the biggest things to stay safe,” Tullberg said.

For more tips on how to stay safe in the heat visit the CDC’s website.

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