How to stay safe from card skimmers at gas stations

Next time you pay at the pump look for a little plastic seal

MONUMENT, Colo. - Police are warning people about card skimmers on gas pumps after several tampered pumps were found in the Monument area. 

There are specific things you can look out for the next time you're paying at the pump in order to keep your debit or credit card information safe. 

Commander Steve Burk with Monument PD said, "If people can look at the pump. See if it looks like everything else they've ever used. If something looks different, there might be a problem. One of the easiest things to do at that point is to just look at the gas pump next to you and see if that also looks the same."

Most gas stations should have plastic seals in a couple of places on the pump. If they've been ripped, torn, or peeled away, don't even think about swiping your debit card and inform an employee. 

The state recommends but does not require gas stations to have the tamper-resistant tape. The state also does not require gas stations that choose to use the stickers to maintain them.

"Another way you can protect yourself and it's not just to do with skimmers, it's anything to do with credit, unfortunately, these days. Constantly monitor your credit card statements. If you see something on there that you don't remember charging, make a phone call, find out and talk to your credit card company because what we've seen is credit card companies are very willing to help and they want to know right away," said Burk. 

You can also avoid paying at the pump altogether. Many gas stations now have mobile apps that allow you to pay from the palm of your hand. You just have to add your credit or debit card number, select which station and pump you're fueling up at, and make your payment. Some companies also offer rewards for paying through their mobile app. 

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