Homeowners in Fountain still dealing with damage from last summer’s hailstorms


Our area is always topping lists of best and most desirable places to live, but El Paso County made it to the top of one not-so-good list: Allstate’s Top Stormiest Counties In Colorado.

FOX21 Storm Team Meteorologist Emily Roehler said just because we have the most damage doesn’t mean we are the stormiest. There are areas like the Eastern Plains that see hail more frequently, but because the population concentration is lower, damage is not as bad.  

Damage still remains about 10 months after multiple hailstorms hit southern El Paso County last summer.

“I’m a little surprised that it takes this far along past the storm date,” said Jennifer Stark. “It really does show big it was.” 

Stark’s house in Fountain was one of the many shredded by hail. She had to replace siding, windows, a garage door and more.  

Repairs to her home are nearly complete, but some of her neighbors haven’t even begun the process. 

Contractors like Cornerstone Roofing have been going nonstop since summer. 

“It’s best to get it done when it’s warm, get everything taken care of,” said Adam Huskin with Cornerstone Roofing. “It seals up real nice.”

“We are still getting calls every day for estimates,” Huskin said. 

Just as things are looking up, we approach severe weather season once again. 

“I wouldn’t say that damage we saw last season was typical for southern Colorado, especially for one particular city,” Roehler said. “I think it was really bad luck, especially for Fountain, to get hit hard twice. The risk that it’s actually going to happen again, to your home, isn’t incredibly high, especially to the same scale we saw this past season. Always a risk, though, and always something you want to keep in the back of your mind.”

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