One Colorado Springs man is giving back in a different way this year, through his holiday lights display.

This is the fourth year Mark Ingles has been doing this at his home off Powers, at the corner of Barnes and Peterson, on Nugent Drive.

This year’s display theme is the Grinch, because of the new movie that just came out.

Ingles put up the display in hopes people will stop by and donate food items for local non-profit Care and Share Food Bank for southern Colorado.

In 2017 Ingles’ display caught the eye of many and he ended up receiving nearly 1,400 pounds of food. This year he hopes to top that and collect about 1,500 pounds.

According to Care and Share, their most-needed items year-round are shelf-stable protein like peanut butter and canned meats, they also ask for canned vegetables and fruit, oatmeal or cereal, pasta, soups, and breakfast bars.

Care and Share say Ingles’ display is a great way to encourage others to hold their own ‘Care Drive’ and if they are interested in doing so, they can contact the non-profit.