Historic Manitou Springs sign reinstalled after being taken down for construction

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The Historic Manitou Springs sign over Colorado Avenue is back up after being taken down during construction. 

The sign was taken down last August because of the Westside Avenue Action Plan project, a $35 million project spanning a mile and a half from 31st Street in Colorado Springs to the clover leaf in Manitou. 

The sign was cleaned up and given a fresh coat of paint. Soon, LED lights will be added. 

"A lot of people have been wondering when this is going to be coming back, and very excited," El Paso County spokesman Greg Dingrando said. "We had several people come out here taking pictures and just making sure that this thing looks like it did before. Most people that we talked to have actually been pleased that it looks so much better. Very excited to have it back here in Manitou Springs." 

The Westside Avenue Action Plan project is still on pace to wrap up this December. 

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