COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — It finally feels like summer is in full swing in Colorado Springs as temperatures are finally getting hot.

FOX21 sat down with local hiking adventurer Hiking Bob to get some tips on how to stay safe during hikes in the summer heat.

“Water and sunscreen are the two most important things to have out here,” said Bob Falcone, also know as Hiking Bob.

Falcone said not only are those two items important, but he wants hikers to carry rain protection as well.

“You can assume almost any summer day in Colorado you are going to get rain,” Falcone said. “Sometimes in the mid-afternoon. If you don’t, then you had a good day, and if you do and get out of it, then you had a good day. But if you do and get stuck in it, you should have been paying attention to the weather.”

He said it’s also important for hikers to be aware of how hot it is for their pets. He said even with a lot of water, high temperatures can become dangerous for dogs.

“In this kind of heat, it affects your dog quite a bit,” Falcone said. “The ground is hot. The air is hot. I have a dog with black fur. He heats up quickly, so I draw the line at 85 degrees on a sunny day.”

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