With a few warm days on the books, people in southern Colorado are hitting the trails to hike, bike and camp.

Hiking Bob, a local hiking expert, wants to remind parents to teach their kids skills that could save their lives if they were to get lost. 

“We do of a lot of people getting lost,” said Bob Falcone, also known as Hiking Bob. “Search and rescue spend a lot of time looking for lost hikers.”

He said parents need to keep an eye on their kids when hitting the trails together because kids, of course, are curious. 

“It takes just a moment for a kid to wander off and get lost or get into a situation where they get hurt,” Falcone said.

With all the fun you can have on the trails, there are also some worries. Falcone said it’s a good idea to teach your kids the same lifesaving skills you know. 

“There is a possibility that something might happen to the parent and they might not be able to continue on,” Falcone said. “You have to teach kids what to do there.”

He said it’s important for kids to know how to use their parents’ cell phones to call for help, or have another source to create attention in an emergency.

“I suggest everyone carry a whistle,” Falcone said. “It makes a lot of noise. It is easier for someone to find you.”

If you were to get lost on the trails, Falcone said it’s vital to stay in one place until search and rescue arrives.

“If you’ve told someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back, someone is going to come and look for you. So just stay in place and wait it out,” Falcone said.

Some other things to bring with on your hikes are warmer clothes, extra water, and snacks in case you get stranded.

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