Spring is finally here and more people are exploring Colorado’s great outdoors, so we took a hike with an expert who tells us everything we need to know to stay safe on the trails.

As far as things you should bring with you? 

“Some water, a snack to eat in case you get tired, a map of where you’re going wouldn’t be a bad idea, and bring your cell phone with you,” Bob Falcone, known as Hiking Bob, said.

“You should tell people where you’re going, where you’re starting from, what trails you’re doing and what time you expect to be back, so people know where to look for you,” Falcone said.

He also said to bring an extra layer of clothes.

“Be prepared for cold weather,” Falcone said. “You may get stuck out in the dark, and once the sun goes down it’s going to get pretty chilly.” 

If you get lost, “Your best thing to do is stay put, because as a stationary target you are easier to find,” Falcone said. 

“Also have a whistle,” Falcone said. “Three tweets on a whistle indicates someone is in trouble.”

El Paso County has more than 150,000 acres of open spaces, so get out and enjoy them this spring, but make sure you take Hiking Bob’s tips to stay safe.