(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and the Department of Revenue (DOR) are issuing a Health and Safety Advisory for a regulated marijuana flower sold at stores in Colorado Springs.

CDPHE said in a press release that the advisory is being issued because of “potentially unsafe levels of Total Yeast and Mold and Aspergillus” of a marijuana flower produced by Green Street LLC.

Through an investigation, the DOR said it has identified Harvest Batches produced by Green Street that initially passed contaminant testing, but subsequently failed retesting. The DOR said batches of the flower were sold to patients or consumers between Nov. 18, 2022 – Feb. 21, 2023.

The DOR said consumers who have this affected marijuana in their possession should destroy it or return it to the regulated marijuana store from which it was purchased for proper disposal. If consumers experience adverse health effects from consuming the marijuana flower, they should seek medical attention immediately and report the health event to the Marijuana Enforcement Division by submitting a MED Reporting Form.

The DOR said all affected marijuana has a label on its container that indicates the license number of the regulated business that cultivated the marijuana as well as the harvest batch number assigned to the marijuana. Consumers should check their containers for license numbers and batch numbers

License numbers

  • Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403-01933
  • Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility: 403R-0119

Batch numbers

  • Total Yeast and Mold Contaminated Medical Harvest Batches:
    • WaffleconeR4HB10312022 (also failed for Aspergillus)
    • HBR2Cherrypunch11262022
  • Aspergillus Contaminated Medical Harvest Batches
    • HB081522LAKushCake
  • Total Yeast and Mold Contaminated Retail Harvest Batches
    • HB08112022AokiBerry

Sold at the following Medical Marijuana Stores:

  • PI Holdings, INC (402-01144) – Doing business as “The Chronic Boutique,” 325 East Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80902
  • Magnolia Road, INC (402-00883) – Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company,” 1750 30th Street, Unit 84B Boulder, CO. 80301
  • Platte Valley Dispensary, LLC (402-00588) – Doing business as “Platte Valley Dispensary,” 2301 7th Street, Unit B Denver, CO. 80211
  • Adams Green Crossing, LLC (402-01145) – Doing business as “The Chronic Boutique” 2727 Palmer Park Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO. 80909

Sold at the following Retail Marijuana Stores:

  • Magnolia Road, INC (402R-00327) – Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company,” 1750 30th Street, Unit 84A Boulder, CO 80301
  • Magnolia Road, INC (402R-00962) – Doing business as “Magnolia Road Cannabis Company” 1995 West Midway Boulevard Broomfield, CO 80020