Hail dumps in Black Forest, damages homes


BLACK FOREST, Colo. — Christmas in July, but it’s not what you think!

Hailing buckets in the summertime, homeowners feeling the effects of a severe thunderstorm that dumped on the area in just a few minutes.

Southern Colorado has seen it before in Manitou Springs in the summer of 2018, now Monday homeowners in Black Forest seeing a similar storm that also left a big mess.

“It was just like a winter storm,” said Tom Tenpenny, who lives in Black Forest. “It came down really, really quick.”

Inches of hail piling up on roads, lawns and roofs near Highway 83 and Hodgen Road.

“It sounded terrifying,” said Kayla McDermott who just moved to Black Forest in May. “[It was] unexpected, not ready for it at all.”

Window wells filled up with water and hail and eventually gave way.

“It was like Titanic, all flooding into the basement. It was insane,” said McDermott.

As the rain continued, basements in the area flooded.

Now those who live in the area are trying to make the repairs before the next storm hits.

This was the road after it had melted quite a bit.

So drivers on Highway 83 and surrounding roads were caught off guard as well with piles of hail and pooling water.

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