Guns drawn during police protest in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Guns were drawn on protestors in downtown Colorado Springs, leading to a heated exchange at police headquarters Monday.

The group was protesting the deadly officer-involved shooting of a man over the weekend.

The protest, which began at city hall, started peacefully, Then, two men in motorcycles rolled up to the crowd outside the police headquarters.

“Obviously that sparked a violent response,” said CSPD Lt. Jim Sokolik.

Police in riot gear responded quickly to control the chaos.

It’s a scene that’s been played out before across the country.

“I never thought it would be something to happen here, but unfortunately it has, and it’s just been an outrage for everybody,” said Eve Hernandez-Maestas, a protester.

Anger was brewing after Colorado Springs police shot and killed a 19-year-old robbery suspect Saturday night.

“One of our friends De’Von Bailey was shot seven times in his back by a Colorado Springs police officer,” Hernandez-Maestas said.

The El Paso County Coroner has not confirmed the man’s identity, and investigators have not said how many times he was shot.

Friends and family said he didn’t have to die.

“Everybody deserves a good life, and his life was cut short,” Hernandez-Maestas said.

“I am so so blown away by the number of Caucasian people out here today,” protester Sierra Spencer said. “That means more than anything, because they don’t have to be out here. They are standing up for stuff that they will never encounter. So it just blows me away.”

Some who showed up to watch had a different message, but were outnumbered.

“It’s shameful,” said Paul Hoffman, a Colorado Springs resident who supports the police. “I’m sure there are bad policemen like there is bad clergymen or bad bankers, but just the fact that cops are going around killing people is just insanity. I support them 100 percent.”

When guns were drawn, police defended the very people who moments ago were protesting their actions.

“We are here to protect the rights of everyone involved, whether they are upset with us or not,” Sokolik said.

Police have identified the two men who pulled the guns as Dustin and Justin Brooks, both 33. They are charged with disorderly conduct.

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