(PUEBLO, Colo.) — Guns For Everyone, a Colorado firearms training company that has been offering free concealed carry classes to the public for 11 years, is expanding its classes to the Pueblo area.

“We’ve been proud to be able to bring free training for responsible gun ownership to Colorado for over a decade,” said Isaac Chase, cofounder of Guns For Everyone. “We expanded to Colorado Springs in January of 2020 and it’s been very successful. Now we are excited to open a new classroom in Pueblo to better serve Southern Colorado.”

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and information provided by firearm dealers across the state, Colorado has seen sustained record numbers of gun purchases and new gun owners since 2020.

“More guns and more gun owners mean more training is needed. Every gun owner should be seeking regular training and practice. Our goal is to provide the best training for everyone, regardless of background. We offer our training for free to remove some of the barriers to that training,” Said Edgar Antillon, founder of Guns For Everyone. “We have brought our training to over 100,000 Coloradans in the 11 years we’ve offered these classes. We are very proud of that, and we look forward to continuing to grow that number.”

The Guns For Everyone Pueblo location will be located at 3921 Outlook Boulevard, near Highway 50 and Morris Avenue. Free classes will be offered 4 times a month in the new location. The first Pueblo class is on Saturday, Jan. 7. Head to www.concealedcarryforfree.com to get started.