Group demands action after a CSPD officer allegedly makes threatening comments


COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs TV station’s live stream of the I-25 protests has led to an internal investigation among the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD).

The live stream took place on June 30, a comment was made by a Facebook user named Steven Eric who said: “kill them all.”

In a statement to FOX21, CSPD said:

“This is still in the investigative/review process through the chain of command. The comments made were unprofessional, inappropriate, and not reflective of our department’s values. Once the statements were brought to our attention, we immediately began an investigation to determine if it was, in fact, one of our officers who made the comments. Our officers, just like our community members, are afforded due process whenever any type of investigation takes place.

We have heard from community members about their concerns, their demands for termination if it is found that one of our officers made that statement, and wants for immediate action. We are committed to ensuring a thorough investigation is completed to one, determine if it is an officer who, in fact, made those comments, and two, to make certain our command staff can have every single applicable fact when determining warranted discipline. Sometimes this takes time, but we owe it to our community to make sure these investigations are done correctly.”

A group of people with the Colorado Springs Oversight is now demanding action.

“As an officer, your job is to serve and protect the community; how can you serve and protect when your threatening to kill your community at the same time?” asked Jasmine Marchman with Colorado Springs Oversight.

The group has been putting out calls on social media and planning protests every day this week until city leaders respond. They are wanting Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers to speak publically on this topic.

“It’s disappointing the mayor hasn’t reached out to us, and we’ve tried contacting him,” said Marchman. “We don’t feel safe about people in the police department who feels that way of individuals exercising their First Amendment right.”

We reached out to the Mayor’s office but have not heard back.

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