PUEBLO, Colo — A 94-year-old great-grandma that lives in Pueblo, spends her days crocheting winter beanies for her community.

“I don’t do nothing else, so I might as well do something for somebody,” Rose Valdez said.

Rose learned how to crochet at 90-years-old; from there, she taught herself how to make the hats.

“I make one a day or two. If I go steady, I make two in one day,” Rose said.

Rose donates her hats to different organizations. Just this past week, she donated over 100 of her hats to the Pueblo CoOp Care Center. She also gives them to hospitals, schools, and other groups in need of a warm hat.

“I bet we’ve done an easy 2,000,” Shirley Homer, one of Rose’s daughters, said.

Some days, Rose said she doesn’t always feel up to making the hats just because her body just needs a little rest. She suffers from carpal tunnel, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

“She does crochet when there is sunshine, and its bright cause she sees the little holes, and it helps her see it better,” Shirley said.

If you would like hats donated to your organization Rose said she is happy to drop some off. Her family is working on creating a Facebook page where people can contact her. Once we get a link to that, we will update this article.