Governor Polis issues 30-day fire ban for state of Colorado


DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis announced a 30-day state-wide ban on open fires on Tuesday.

Polis says three of the four fires were likely caused by human activity.

The ban prohibits campfires, fire works and other open sources of ignition.

Exceptions include: home barbecues, public grills, camp stoves, and approved covered fire pits.

Polis says the hot, dry weather is making the fires spread rapidly.

He spoke about wildfires burning in western and northern Colorado and said firefighters are working to protect residents and structures.

Public Safety says it may be difficult to determine if you are having COVID-19 symptoms or if it’s just from the smoke in the area. They advise everyone to get a COVID-19 test if you are experiencing symptoms.

Due to COVID-19, many changes were made to firefighting operations. Firefighters are not meeting in the mornings in-person in large groups. Instead, they are having radio meetings.

Firefighters are also spreading out divisions in order to maintain social distancing, in addition to other measures to stay safe during the pandemic.

Public Health is asking everyone to be careful about fire safety and says cigarette butts and fireworks can destroy thousands of acres of property, including homes.

They advise all families to have an evacuation plan ready – as the fires continue to spread across the state.

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