Gov. Jared Polis highlights Early Education Plan for Colorado


COLORADO — Gov. Jared Polis, along with teachers and education leaders, were discussing Colorado’s Early Childhood Workforce plan. Some topics of discussion included funding for education, better teacher pay and training, and ways to tackle racial disparities in the school system.

Gov. Polis says the state finally has a dedicated stream of money for expanded pre-school options for Colorado families. This comes after voters passed Proposition EE, which will fund universal pre-school for all four year old children by 2023.

Polis says making sure all children have access to full-day kindergarten and a quality pre-school education are essential to set kids up for success in school and after graduating.

Parents will be able to send their kids to free, full-day kindergarten programs – which used to cost up to 500 dollars per month.

“In addition to 10 hours per week for all four year old’s, the remaining Proposition EE dollars will fund preschool for children from low-income families, who are at-risk, or not succeeding in kindergarten. We need to continue to focus our outreach and services on the most under resourced kid. Especially children of color or poverty,” said Gov. Polis.

More then 60% of Colorado children live in homes where both parents are working and they need access to childcare. This is something these early education programs are hoping to help with. The early education plan outlines universal standards and regulations for pre-school programs to ensure all kids get a quality education.

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