Goodwill Hunting: Treasures at local thrift shop


One of my favorite places to go is Goodwill. Yes, secondhand shopping. It all started over a year ago when I was in the market for some yard tools. When I saw a weed whacker and blower cost more than $100 new, I checked out my alternatives. That’s when I found Goodwill. 

After getting the power tools, I found a pickax, shovel and seed spreader for less than ten bucks a piece. I figured I had saved at least $100 already. I was hooked. 

My son wanted a new bike. I found a 21-speed mountain bike in mint condition for $25! The other boy wanted a vintage GI Joe. I found one at Goodwill! It’s like going on a treasure hunt. It’s exhilarating. 

On this particular day, my wife was looking for a couple of vases. They’re at least $10 new. We found three for less than$5 total. 

While she was searching, I was perusing the aisles for deals. I stumbled across some original pieces of art. One oil painting of an ocean scene caught my eye. I could tell by the brush strokes, it’s original art. On the back of the painting, writing indicated it was from Sweden, signed by the artist “BV.” Even if it’s a knockoff, it’s set in a nice gold frame. I purchased it for $4.99. Another successful trip to my new favorite place. Join me again on my next journey at Goodwill! 

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