Goodwill Hunting: Office Space


Mondays are the best day to shop at Goodwill. Many people are clearing out their homes and garages over the weekend. After they drop the items off, they’re sorted and hit the floor for resale by Sunday afternoon. 

I actually saw a truck headed to the Goodwill Monday around noon. So, I followed the big semi to the store and started shopping. 

Many times when I go to Goodwill, I have a few items in mind while searching for deals. I often go with other people in mind.  

My son, for instance, wants a new office chair and shelf. My coworker, who does not want to be named, wants me to find a lamp. The reporter wants a floor model.  

I ventured to the Goodwill on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, located on Lake Avenue. They usually have a pretty good selection of furniture. Sure enough, I had quite a few chairs to choose from. I ended up getting a leather swivel chair for $12 and a black glass shelf for $9. I thought they were good deals. My son ended up loving them. 

I couldn’t find that many lamps here. So, I went to the Goodwill located on Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Academy Boulevard. The selection was much better. I sent a series of pictures to my co-worker. She wanted to see for herself and made the trek there in person. The lamps range in cost from $3 to $15. It’s definitely a better price than buying new.  

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