Goat born with a disability gets a new set of wheels


Ginger Snap Ranch, a petting zoo out in Hanover, has about 70 different animals. Many of them have been rescued and need lots of help. 

“We’ve got a donkey and a horse and goats and pigs. We take in birds sometimes cats and dogs,” owner Eryn Maggard said. 

Many of the animals there have been rescued.  

“I really like animals. I took in my first pot belly pig and I really like doing it. So it just kind of snow-balled from there,” Maggard said.  

One baby goat was only three weeks old on Wednesday. Her name is Hope, and there’s something unique about this little goat, but that hasn’t slowed her down.   

She was born with no movement in her back legs.  

“We called the vet, wanted me to pinch her feet in certain spots to see if there was movement in her legs,” Maggard said. “She had no movement in her legs, no movement in her tail. She eats like a champ, and we put the diaper on her and she just scoots around the house.”   

Her family made her a goat-cart. It’s kind of like a wheelchair that helps her get around so she can play with her brother and sisters.

Now, her family is asking for help so she can get x-rays and some blood work.  

“I just can’t see putting down a baby goat if we can help her,” Maggard said. “I would try to help her in any way that she could be helped.” 

Maggard said her condition is improving. Now, she has more movement in her tail and one leg. 

“She is a pretty high-spirited baby and we couldn’t image our lives with out her,” Maggard said.  

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