#girlcrush: Three Colorado Springs women launch new way to give back to charity


One night. One hour. One hundred dollars. Three women in Colorado Springs may have unlocked the secret to successful fundraising, and local charities are grateful.

Sumer Liebold, Lauren Perrault and Lisa Simms had grown frustrated with chairing charity fundraisers and galas.

“We spent hours upon hours running the silent auction, and at the end of this we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, the bottom line just wasn’t that what we put into it,'” Liebold said. 

So, along with their spouses, the three friends built a better mousetrap. They founded Couples Who Care.

Once a quarter, about 30 couples meet at a bar, a restaurant, or someone’s home on a weeknight for one hour.

Guests are encouraged to put the name of their favorite local charity in a hat. Then, they pull three names. Each presenter has five minutes to plead their case. Afterward, everyone votes.

Every couple writes a $100 check.

“It’s just easy and it’s fun,” Perrault said. “We all pull it together as if we were just having people over for happy hour at her own house.” 

Those $100 checks add up.

Since its inception, Couples Who Care has raised $65,900.

“Most of the time, that is the largest donation to charity has ever gotten,” Liebold said.

They’ve donated to Project Angel Heart, helping deliver meals to cancer patients. 

They wrote a check to Atlas Preparatory School, opening doors for low-income students. 

And earlier this year, they raised their biggest donation yet to a family who could really use it.

“Last quarter, we were able to give $5,500 to Officer Flick’s family,” Liebold said.

That money is earmarked to help put the slain El Paso County deputy’s children through college.

These three ladies with big hearts are just getting started.

“Gosh, I want to write $20,000 checks every quarter,” Liebold said. “I want to write $30,000, $40,000, I mean can you imagine, in one hour?”

“There is no ceiling,” she said. “We can grow this as big as we want.”

You don’t have to be part of a couple to join. Couples Who Care has plenty of singles in the group.

They just ask that each member writes a check to the charity chosen each quarter and commits $400 a year, whether they’re in attendance for the meeting or not.

If you’d like to join, email Mark Perrault at mark.perrault@nm.com or call his cell at 719-314-9215 .

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