#girlcrush: Opinionated, irreverent podcaster hopes to start a conversation


Darcie Hannigan has roots and wings, and after graduating from Doherty High School, she spread those wings, traveling the world, writing about it, and trying to make it a better place.

Sixteen years and 28 nations later, she came home.

“The truth about Colorado Springs is there are a lot of perspectives here. There’s a lot of stories here,” said Darcie.

Darcie certainly has a perspective and she knew she had something to contribute to those stories.

She just didn’t know how, until she struck up a conversation with a man sitting behind her at a lecture at Colorado College. 

“He looked at me and said, ‘you should start a young professional podcast’ and I was like, ‘nooo. I don’t wanna do that!” she laughed.

But Darcie couldn’t shake the idea.

“We could actually bring voices out into the community that didn’t otherwise get heard all the time,” she remembers thinking.

So began the next adventure.

She enlisted the help of an old friend, Jeff Ward. The two launched The Little London Show in 2015, and now they co-host a weekly podcast diving deep into the issues facing Colorado Springs.

They talk about everything from the ‘pink tax’ to potholes, breweries to ballot issues.

“We’ve been really lucky to have so many people say ‘yes’ and sit down and chat with us and talk with us… city council members, business leaders, young professionals, really interesting people,” said Darcie.

“And you’re not getting just a teeny snippet. You’re getting an hour-long show that gives you the details you need, the stats and facts you need, and you can form your own opinion by the end of the show.”

Darcie and Jeff make no bones about it (and make no apologies)… they skew left. 

“But I think that was missing in our community,” explained Darcie. “(Listeners) might not like everything we say, but we bring them great information and a ton of research.” 

With 155 episodes under her belt, she’s learned a lot about the evolving world of Podcasting too.

Ryan and Darcie rent R&D Studios to other podcasters and guide aspiring podcasters through the process, from idea to execution.

Now, yet adventure awaits in the year ahead.

Darcie and her husband (a fellow podcaster) are expecting a baby boy in 2019.

And naturally, she hopes to pass along those roots and wings that she inherited from her parents.

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