Girl Scout builds shelter for feral cats


One local high school Girl Scout is working to help animals as her Gold Award project.  

For the project, Girl Scouts have to identify a problem in the community, make a plan to fix it, and take action.  

Leah Jester built a catio, an outdoor shelter for feral cats, for the rescue group Look What The Cat Brought In.  

She has worked with the shelter’s animal behaviorist to get the feral cats used to the outdoor space. 

Jester said at the beginning, the cats were standoffish, didn’t interact well with people, and often hissed. Now that they have spent time outside in her catio, they’ve become kinder and more approachable.

To Jester, it’s mission accomplished.  

“It means that I’ve made an impact on these cats’ lives, but just on others,” Jester said. “I’ve inspired others to maybe build another catio for their own cats. I know a lot of the younger Girl Scouts, they are looking up to me saying, ‘If I can build a catio then they can build a skyscraper.’ One little step at a time Girl Scouts are changing the world.” 

Jester said it took her about a year to plan and three days to build.  

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