UPDATE: THURSDAY 4/20/2023 10:05 p.m.

(MOSCA, Colo.) — In response to the outpouring of support from the community and so many families expressing their grief over the loss of the Gator Farm’s animals, the farm said it will have a free limited opening this weekend, April 22-23.

The Gator Farm said in a Facebook post that the limited opening would take place, weather permitting, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., and admission would be free.

“We’re going to offer free admission so the children can come and grieve properly with us over the lost animals, and see the survivors,” the Gator Farm said.

All outdoor areas will be open, as well as the fish building. The Gator Farm thanked the community for their support. Be sure to check the Gator Farm’s social media in case of inclement weather.

ORIGINAL STORY: Gator Farm to tentatively reopen May 1

THURSDAY 4/20/2023 9:21 p.m.

The Colorado Gator Farm said it is hoping to reopen to the public on May 1 following a fire that destroyed one of their buildings and killed animals.

The Colorado Gator Farm is an attraction that hosts tours for people to view rescued alligators, crocodiles, lizards, snakes, tortoises, and more. In the early morning hours of April 18, a fire broke out in the Reptile Barn, killing many of the animals and destroying much of the building.

The Gator Farm said most of the rescued animals inside the building were lost to the fire. However, the farm also shared good news– the Mosca-Hooper Fire Department were able to save eight tortoises, eight turtles and three dwarf caiman, as well as Phoenix, the only full size caiman lizard to survive.

Phoenix the caiman lizard was the only caiman to survive the fire at the Gator Farm in Mosca
Courtesy: Colorado Gator Farm

In an update on Thursday, April 20, the Gator Farm said they hope to reopen the facility for partial tours on May 1. The farm said a partial opening might be possible for the weekend of April 22, but be sure to check on their social media before planning a visit.