Full-strength beer now available in Colorado grocery stores

Full-strength beer now available in Colorado grocery stores

Coloradans can say goodbye to 3.2 beer. Thanks to a law that took effect January 1, full-strength beer is now available in grocery stores across the state. 

The Budweiser Clydesdales were at the state capitol Monday to celebrate the repeal of the Prohibition-era laws governing the sale of full-strength beer. Workers at grocery stores across the state started stocking shelves Tuesday morning. 

Each store’s selection will be different, but Safeway said they’ll stock up on hundreds of craft brews, emphasizing local Colorado brewers. A King Soopers spokesman said each store’s selection “will reflect the unique neighborhoods and their buying preferences.” 

Light beers that are below 3.2 percent ABW will still be made, but all beers that are meant to have a higher alcohol content will.

Convenience stores and gas stations will also be able to sell full-strength beer. They won’t be able to sell liquor and wine, which will still be available only at liquor stores. 

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