She’s very bubbly. She loves to laugh. 

Rhanae Ramos met Jepsy Amaga Kallungi in Chicago a year ago. Rhanae is a close friend of Jepsy and said Jepsy came to Colorado to work on her marriage.

“I asked her ‘Why do you have to go back with him?’ and she said ‘I want to try the relationship and give him a second chance,'” Rhanae said. 

Rhanae says Jepsy’s relationship with her husband Dane Kallungi was toxic.

The two maintained contact through social media, a favorite pastime for Jepsy. 

“She loves her phone and taking a selfie,” Rhanae said. “I always photobomb.”

On March 20, Jepsy messaged Rhanae saying, “you’re a real person.” Rhanae asked if she was ok, but never heard back. 

She reached out to Dane through Facebook, and Dane said Jepsy left for Chicago or the Philippines. 

Rhanae called the Colorado Springs Police Department, asking them to conduct a welfare check on her friend. After police failed to make contact on April 4, they opened a missing person case on Jepsy. 

FOX21 tried calling Dane at two different numbers linked to him, but couldn’t get connected. 

“We are going to find Jepsy,” Rhanae said. “We will find answers.”

Rhanae said many fake GoFundMe accounts have been set up in Jepsy’s name. 

There will be a prayer and candlelight vigil for Jepsy at Deerfield Hills Community Center on Friday night.