A Thai ice cream shop in Colorado Springs offers dessert and a show. 

I-Cool Thai Ice Cream opened a year and four months ago at 6820 Academy Boulevard, just south of Woodmen Road. This trendy and unique treat is not only delicious, but fun to watch being made too. 

Offering 19 different ice cream rolls from Oreo Land to Peanut Butter and Jealous, I-Cool has a small option for $6.25 or large for $7.65 with more than a dozen free toppings to choose from. 

They start with flavored cream poured onto a big frozen slab that looks like a pizza pan. Using spatulas, the cream is skillfully worked and smoothed out over the slab until it is frozen. Then the spatulas are used to roll the ice cream into sweet taquito-shaped treats stuffed into a cup and topped with your favorite goodies. 

FOX21’s Taylor Bishop stopped into I-Cool on Friday for a pre-work pick-me-up. She ordered a small portion of the Love In Thailand which is made with Thai ice tea and chose mango boba and shaved coconut as her toppings. 

It’s unlike any ice cream you’ve ever had but just as creamy and smooth.