KBOP Korean Fusion Cafe opened about a year ago at 3733 Bloomington Street, in a shopping center east of Powers Boulevard and just south of Super Target. 

You can expect a trendy, casual dining experience with traditional Korean cuisine and some “Americanized” twists like kimchi tacos and burritos and kimchi fries. KBOP also offers traditional bibimbap, udon, several unique bingsu desserts, and Korean pancakes.

FOX21’s Taylor Bishop stopped by for a pre-work lunch with her mom, who was visiting from Arkansas. 

As an appetizer, Taylor and her mom ordered the gimbap, which is like Korean sushi stuffed with your choice of bulgogi beef or tonkasu pork, carrots, spinach, egg, pickled daikon, and fish cake. It came in an 11-piece roll for $4.99. 

For the main course, Taylor’s mom ordered the udon, which is a fresh, doughy, soft noodle that came in a light beef broth with fish cake, fried tofu, pink fish cake, green onion, onion, and mushrooms for $8.99. 

Taylor had the kimchi tacos, which came with french fries, but she asked for a miso soup substitute. It came with three tacos on corn tortillas, stuffed with bulgogi beef, spicy kimchi, cabbage, green onion, cojita cheese, cilantro, and sour cream for $9.99. 

KBOP serves several teas, domestic and Korean beers, and Soju Korean liquor. 

For a trip to Korea with some unique detours and great prices, head to KBOP Korean Fusion Cafe.