Fresh Foodie Finds: Let’s ‘taco’ bout YOLIS Kitchen food truck in Colorado Springs

FOX21 Evening Team Dinner

YOLIS Kitchen food truck is parked at 2345 North Academy Boulevard, which is near Maizeland Road in Colorado Springs. 

Serving authentic Mexican tacos, burritos, quesadillas, asada fries, tortas, nachos and much more, YOLIS Kitchen has been open for a little over a year. 

They offer a dozen different meat choices, like barbacoa, lengua, chicharron, and chorizo. 

Tacos are $1.99 each, although you can expect an upcharge for certain meat options. 

Every Thursday, you can get three tacos for $5, and on Sundays, all tacos are $1.50 except for tripe, lengua, and shrimp protein options. 

The entire FOX21 News evening crew made a trip to YOLIS Kitchen for a Friday night feast. 

Taylor Bishop ordered three tacos al pastor and beef nachos for about $14. The tacos came stuffed with pork and perfectly sized chunks of pineapple in a flavorful sauce, topped with fresh chopped onion, cilantro, and a side of lime. The freshly fried corn tortilla chips came piled high with asada, cheese, and a drizzle of sour cream, with fresh pico de gallo and sliced avocado on the side. 

Scott Kilbury went with the asada fries for $6.99, before tax. The huge portion of fries came with similar toppings as the nachos. Scott also drenched them in a spicy verde salsa that was served separately in a small portion cup, although he used everyone else’s as well. 

Emily Roehler ordered the burrito with al pastor, which ran her $6.99. The giant burrito came stuffed with rice, lettuce, pico de gallo, pineapple pork, and sour cream. She actually had enough for dinner and lunch the next day. 

Ashley Giovanna chose the barbacoa quesadilla that cost her $6.99. The quesadilla was packed with tender beef barbacoa, melty cheese, and sautéed onions with a side of sour cream. 

The hardworking folks cooking and taking orders inside the truck were very nice and the food came out within 10 minutes, despite the large order. 

The FOX21 team thoroughly enjoyed dinner at YOLIS Kitchen food truck and will definitely be back. If you check it out too, tell them FOX21 sent you. 

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