Four strangers become friends after helping each other survive the bomb cyclone


Four strangers became friends in the midst of this week’s bomb cyclone, which created a mess all over Colorado roads. 

“An emergency vet visit that took 10 minutes to get there took us six hours to get home,” said Day Brown, who was stranded on Woodmen Road after her car battery died.

Brown and her boyfriend, Marcus Tavolacci, got stuck during the middle of the storm on Woodmen Road heading east. Their car battery died because it was flooded with snow.

“The only thing we had was us and the dog, because our car died and our phones died,” Brown said. “So we had no phones, no chargers and no one would let us in their cars. We were told by somebody we couldn’t get in their car because we had a dog.”

Justin Reese happened to be traveling down Woodmen Road around the same time. He said he saw the couple knock on the driver’s window in front of him, then be turned away. He said that is when he knew he should help.

“God just had me at the right place at the right time to serve the people who were around me,” Reese said. “They had to survive.”

The couple, along with their dog, got into his car and started traveling east toward Falcon in the westbound lanes because so many cars were piled up. Reese said the visibility was so low.

“The whole thing was stressful,” Reese said. “The wind was blowing. The snow was blowing. Your whole orientation was off. You couldn’t see anywhere. They helped me a lot seeing stuff.”

Just a few feet up the road, Reese said, they heard banging on the windows of his black Tahoe.

“I saw a black Tahoe two feet in front of me. So I jumped out of my car and banged on the windows,” said Jason Arends, who was left stranded after his car got stuck in a snowbank. 

Reese and the couple picked up Arends and started slowly making their way toward the Browns’ house.

“I wasn’t looking forward to sleeping in my truck,” Arends said. “I thought I was prepared, but you really can never prepare for something like this. It was horrifying.”

Reese was able to drop off the couple and Arends at Brown’s home. Arends stayed the night there. Reese headed home but got stuck in his own neighborhood. He was able to walk the rest of the way home.

“We’re for sure going to get together and have dinner and be friends for a while,” Reese said. “Bomb Cyclone of 2019 survivors, right?” said Reese.

The couple and Arends went back out to Woodmen Road Thursday morning, where they were able to retrieve their cars.

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