Fountain police using heat alert system to protect K9s in cars


They keep us safe, patrolling our streets, schools and airports, but when they’re taking a break and the heat soars, it’s important they can put their paws up and relax.  

That’s why the Fountain Police Department is using a heat-alert system in their patrol cars, making sure their K9s stay safe.

Its called the Ray Allen F-Series Heat Alert System, and it monitors how hot a car gets. Officers can pick a certain temperature and once it reaches that in the patrol car, they’ll get an alert. 

“We have an alarm that goes off, the horn will start sounding, both back windows on the patrol vehicle will roll down, and there’s two fans in the dog kennel that will start blowing as much air as possible,” Fountain officer Jon Kay said.

If drivers don’t have this software and someone suspects a dog is in distress, officers suggest you look out for these signs and call 911.

“Excessive panting, not engaging you when you come up to the window, if they’re lying down, not wanting to get up, they are definitely overheating,” Kay said.

According to PETA, already in 2018, 15 pets across the U.S. have died from hot weather-related incidents.

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