Fountain police launch campaign urging drivers, passengers to buckle up


A campaign urging drivers and their passengers to wear seatbelts kicked off this week. The move comes after statistics revealed one out of seven Coloradans fails to buckle up.

The campaign, conducted by the Fountain Police Department, reminds residents throughout our community that wearing a seatbelt could save your life.

This is the fifth year for the Buckle Up for Safety and Lives week. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 30,000 lives could be saved each year and 2 million injuries could be prevented or reduced in severity if drivers and passengers buckled up.

The Fountain Police Department spent time Thursday at the child development center for Fountain-Fort Carson District 8, reminding parents and students about the importance of wearing seatbelts.

“Last year we had 20 lives lost in El Paso County,” Dr. Kevin Young, El Paso Committee Chairman for Buckle Up for Safety and Lives, said. “Of those, 13 of those were not buckled up. If we were to raise awareness to where 100 percent of the population were buckling up, we would have probably saved seven to eight lives last year just here locally in our own county.”

Officers rewarded parents who wear wearing their seatbelts and had their kids buckled up properly with t-shirts and a little bit of cash. 

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