Fountain Police Department launches Home Safe program


The Fountain Police Department is unveiling Home Safe, a program designed to help officers in the event a child or adult with a cognitive impairment goes missing. 

Sometimes, at-risk people have a tendency to wander or run away, and may not have complete awareness of their surroundings. The Fountain Police Department has created a packet to be filled with information about each participant, like diagnosis or disability, communication methods, and emergency contacts. 

“We’re hoping that it gives comfort to families that have a loved one with dementia or autism, Down syndrome, any type of cognitive impairment,” said. “It gives them comfort that we know exactly what their triggers are, what they’re going into, so that we know exactly how to address that person that we’re looking for.” 

The packets can be found on the Fountain Police website or picked up in person at the police department. Once the forms are filled out and returned to the police department, the department will add an alert to the participant’s home address, advising officers there is a Home Safe packet on file. 

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