Fountain family looking for stranger who helped after their baby passed away from SIDS


FOUNTAIN – A family in Fountain is asking for the communities help in finding a woman who helped them out, just a month after their baby died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) .

“I got a phone call from Walgreens saying my prescription is ready and the person behind me paid for everything,” Alonna Ku, mother of Ezekiel Alakai Ku, who died of SIDS at six and a half months old said.

On Dec. 12, 2019, Alonna said she had dropped her son, Ezekiel Alakai, off at his babysitter’s house and went off to work like every other day.

“He was a perfectly healthy and happy baby. He was totally normal. No issues with his breathing. There was nothing wrong with him. He just passed,” Alonna said.

She said her babysitter told her she put Ezekiel down for a nap and went back to check on him about 30 minutes later and that is when she noticed he wasn’t breathing.

“He was at the babysitter’s. I was at work when I got that call. I raced to her house,” Alonna said.

She said when she arrived there were dozens of first respondents and she wasn’t able to see her son right away. Alonna said officials told her police had to treat it as an investigation. She said the investigation lasted for several hours and they weren’t even able to see their son until four days later.

“The last time I saw my baby was that morning. I was feeding him while he was getting ready for work and now he’s gone,” Alonna said.

Since he passed away, Alonna said she’s been struggling with anxiety, depression and has even started smoking to deal with the pain. She also decided to write a message on the back of her car to help with her anxiety.

“It said be patient, we are mourning our baby boy. God bless,” Alonna said.

With the message still on her car, she said on Thursday she went to her doctor to get some medications to cope with the pain.

“I dropped the prescriptions off then went to run some errands. I got a phone call from Walgreens who said my prescription was ready and the person behind me paid for everything,” Alonna said.

A stranger at the Walgreens in Fountain saw her message and decided to help. Alonna said she has no idea who this person was and wants to say thank you in person.

“It really does put some faith back in humanity for me,” Alonna said.

If you were that person please let us here at FOX21 know so we can put you in contact with Alonna.

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