COLORADO SPRINGS — A stray pup in Colorado Springs has a bright future ahead of her thanks to the thoughtful actions of several animal outreach organizations and a few caring dog lovers in our community.

A local woman found Peanut roaming the streets, alone and frightened. With the help of a neighbor, and through hours of patience and understanding, Peanut trusted her rescuers enough to allow them to take her to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

However, due to some of Peanut’s behavioral tests and a lack of fosters, the pup was set to be euthanized on Wednesday. Peanut’s rescuer immediately began the search for a foster, and reached out to All Breed Rescue and Training, a Colorado Springs nonprofit.

“Without fosters, our hands are tied as an organization,” said Lauren Fox, the Executive Director of All Breed Rescue and Training. “We can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster homes for. So our biggest need when it comes to our ability to rescue dogs lies in our availability of foster homes.”

Thanks to All Breed, Peanut will have training and medical care through the organization for life, and thanks to the help of loving fosters, a fur-ever home.

“It takes a lot of strain off of the Humane Society and some of the no-kill shelters like all breed,” said foster Bryan Guenzel. “And it’s just a wonderful thing to do. You’re ultimately saving lives.”

All Breed Rescue and Training encourages anyone who can – consider fostering a pet. It could mean saving an animal’s life.

“Fostering is really the way that we can continue to help these dogs who can’t help themselves,” said Executive Director Fox.