COLORADO SPRINGS — Former Colorado Springs TV Anchor, Jon Karroll and current Development & Communications Manager for Special Kids Special Families (SKSF), announced his official retirement from the nonprofit on Friday, Sept. 16, while discussing an upcoming event on FOX21 Morning News.

Karroll spoke with Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister about his upcoming retirement, effective Friday, Oct. 7, while reflecting on his many years of serving the southern Colorado Community.

“I am retiring, officially this time, it will be Oct. 7, my last day of working at Special Kids Special Families,” said Karroll. “Just going to try dipping my toes in the retirement waters and doing nothing for a while.”

Karroll said while his departure comes just before SKSF’s 11th annual ‘Night of Comedy’ fundraiser, which is being held on Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Flying W Ranch, he will still be attending the event.

Karroll reflected on his many years of broadcast and explained his love for all the people in southern Colorado. “The generosity in this community, the willingness to give… and this community really steps up when there is a cause to support.”

Karroll also looked back on some of the biggest stories he covered in southern Colorado including, the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires.

“I’ll never forget that moment, where my shift would begin at midnight until noon the next day, and it was the second or third day of the fire and I came in the studio and I heard Heather say, that the Flying W Ranch had burned,” said Karroll. “Those fires were just devastating and it left a real mark.”