COLORADO SPRINGS — A celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Colorado Springs on Sunday at St. John’s Baptist Church. The purpose of the event was to remember his legacy and recognize leaders in the community including former Governor John Hickenlooper.

“What Dr. Martin Luther King did was for everyone throughout all communities. all races of people. and he just wanted to serve mankind,” said Jacqueline Williams President of the Xi Kappa Zeta Chapter. “He wanted us to live in unity. So that it is a sense of coming together. that community in strength. there is strength in numbers. and we do this year, after year, after year. trying to bring the community closer together.”

A number of awards given out during the ceremony along with a tribute to Dr. King.

Former Governor John Hickenlooper was one of those, he won the group’s Barack Obama award. “John Hickenlooper is the example of never, ever give up on your dreams,” said the presenter.

“If MLK hadn’t created that will, he didn’t just bring African Americans together he brought everyone together,” said Former Governor Hickenlooper. “He was the major force of unity for all of us in this country.”

“We are living out the dream of Dr. King. We are walking together in unity. We want to live in peace and harmony,” Williams said.

Martin Luther King Jr. day is Jan. 20.

A complete list of the Award Winners is below:

Barrack Obama Award – Former Governor John Hickenlooper 
Gospel singer or the year: Darmea Tilmon and Katurah Ashby
Community Leader: DaVarryl Williamson
Emerging Leader: Genesis Wynn
Sorority: Zeta Phi Beta
Fraternity: Kappa Alpha Psi