Former Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputy heads to trial for four misdemeanors


A former Fremont County sheriff’s detective is headed to trial after incriminating evidence was found in his storage unit last year. 

According to the sheriff’s office, bloody socks, a blanket and a hatchet were found in Lt. Robert Dodd’s storage locker. The evidence was connected to the murder of 17-year-old Candace Hiltz in 2006. 

Dodd appeared in court Friday for the first time since charges were filed almost a year ago. He is facing four misdemeanor charges, including two petty counts of second-degree official misconduct. He is not accused of Candace’s murder. 

Candace’s family is shocked with Friday’s outcome.

“It’s just disgusting,” Candace’s sister, Heather Hiltz, said. 

Both Candace’s sister and mother thought Dodd would take the plea deal.

“I just figured he would take the easy way out, because he’s a coward and that’s what cowards do,” Heather said.

Now, they’re looking forward to having a jury hear the case in June.

“We get a jury trial, and that’s what we want,” Heather said. “We want this to get out, and we want justice for her.”

“They took someone who packed so much life into 17 years and ended it,” Candace’s mom, Dolores Hiltz, said.

The sheriff’s office said Monday that Dodd had retired as of April 23, after more than 25 years with the office. 

Dodd’s trial will begin June 25 if he does not take the plea agreement during his next court appearance on June 4.

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