First aid supplies donated to Cañon City K9 Team


CAÑON CITY, Colo — A helpful donation is now in the hands, and paws, of the Cañon City Police Department K9 Team.

This week, Officer Greg Nish and his K9 Partner Boot received a BUDDY BAG from the K9 Defender Fund. The organization donates 10 bags a month to military, police, fire, and search and rescue teams.

The K9 Defender Fund website notes that because military, police, fire, and search and rescue K9 handlers are often first responders for their animal, it’s critical that they have first aid supplies ready to go.

“The main feature of the BUDDY BAG is a specialized breathing apparatus that is formed to fit any dog’s muzzle. The specialized cone-shaped oxygen mask allows for a secure fit on the dog’s face. Many animals receive burns through the course of an explosion, fire or accident, therefore specialized burn sheets, bandages, rinsing saline and protective restraints are also included in the BUDDY BAG,” according to the website.

The K9 Defender Fund donates 10 BUDDY BAGS to organizations every month.

With each BUDDY BAG donation, the receiving department is also given in-depth training from a licensed veterinarian. Rescuers are taught how to administer oxygen, how to perform first-aid for injuries, administer life-saving drugs, and more.

The Cañon City Police Department says it greatly appreciates the donation of these vital life-saving tools for K9 Officer Boot.

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