(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs Mayoral Candidate Longinos Gonzalez has filed an ethics complaint against a City Councilmember running against him.

According to the filing, which was submitted on Thursday, March 23, Gonzalez believes Councilman Wayne Williams violated City Ethics Code by purposefully withholding information during an October 2022 Utilities Board meeting to discuss a water annexation resolution for a development by La Plata Communities.

Gonzalez attests that concerns over a monopoly on long-term development were raised at the Board meeting, though the resolution moved forward and was later approved by a split 5-4 vote, with Williams’ being the deciding vote.

“I contend that Mr. Williams purposefully withheld relevant information, known to him, the chair of the utilities board, from that meeting,” Gonzalez said in his complaint. “That information if made public at that meeting may have swayed final votes and at least brought forth additional questions from the public and other board members that could potentially have changed the outcome of the water rule vote.”

FOX21 News reached out to Wayne Williams for comment, and received this in response:

It’s readily apparent that Mr. Pitchford and Candidate Gonzelez filed the frivolous complaint as a publicity stunt to prop up his failing campaign.

As clearly stated in the very materials they cite, the ordinance discussed at Utilities Board was recommended by Utilities water experts. Other potential measures, whether proposed by county land speculators (who are funding Gonzalez’ campaign and Pitchford’s group) or existing land-owners in the City were not discussed. Instead the focus was and should be on what is the best way to protect our water for Colorado Springs residents and taxpayers. Like the water experts and most Colorado Springs residents, I believe that providing a specified buffer is critical for our city.

I am confident that the Commission will dismiss the Pitchford-Gonzalez publicity stunt.

Wayne Williams, 2023 Mayoral Candidate