Entrepreneurs learn changing styles of leadership


As workplaces, jobs and the people who do them change across the country, Colorado Springs entrepreneurs and business leaders learned about the ways they motivate the people they work with.

“You can’t teach leadership, you have to model leadership,” said Bob Kittridge, the Chief Ignition Officer at the Kittridge Connection who led the seminar Monday.

The seminar was organized by the Colorado Springs Black Business Network as a way to show the heads of local businesses how their leadership style can keep employees engaged in the company’s work and keep them around in general.

“It’s not about you and that you’re not building a business. You’re building people and if you focus on the people, the people will focus on you,” said Rodney Gullatte Jr., the founder and president of the Black Business Network.

Gullatte also created a cyber-security company, Firma IT Solutions & Services. He says he hopes the lessons taught in Monday’s seminar will go further than just the business world.

“The whole community will be better for it. So I wanted the chance to be able to facilitate an environment where we could bring leaders that are already in the community, aspiring leaders in the community, to come and learn,” said Gullatte.

Kittridge led the seminar as part of the John Maxwell “Live to Lead” program that holds yearly events across the country and streamed to varying communities. Kittridge has learned from Maxwell personally about his perspectives including Maxwell’s new book, Leader Shift.

 “My leadership style as a baby boomer may not work for [millennials], so I have to learn how to not lead out of my style but learn how to leave and shift my leadership to their style,” said Kittridge.

The Colorado Springs Black Business Network is currently working to be recognized as an official chamber of commerce, or similar organization. More information about them can be found on their Facebook page.

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