Elevate the Peak survey asking what you want to see in the Pikes Peak Region


PIKES PEAK REGION, Colo. — Outdoor and conservation non-profits want your feedback through an online survey about plans for the Pikes Peak Region. Local groups are leading the effort, called Elevate the Peak, to create a vision and plan for future land use and recreation needs.

The question is simple. What do you want to see land around the Pikes Peak Region be used for or transformed into. Organizers behind the Elevate the Peak initiative want to know what excites, inspires, or even concerns people when it comes to recreation and outdoor spaces.

The 5-minute online survey wants your feedback for the future of Colorado’s great outdoors. Your answers will help plan ahead for the Pikes Peak Region for the next 10 years. The survey runs through the end of September.

“Get all your ideas out there, let us know what you think, what you love, what challenges you see. Tell us what you want to see with your public open spaces, with our great outdoors, with local agriculture,” said Rebecca Jewett, President & CEO of Palmer Land Conservancy “This region is only continuing to grow. You’ll see how much population we’ve just in the last couple years. We need a 10-year plan to set forth a powerful vision, an action plan to make sure we can protect these places for everybody.”

The survey is looking into how people recreate and ideas on improving land use or outdoor spaces. A big part of the initiative is preserving these areas for generations to comes.

“As recreationists, hunters, wildlife conservations, ranchers, farmers. All of those personalities that we each have can come together in this incredible opportunity,” said Ashlee Sack with Fremont Adventure Recreation.

Fremont Adventure Recreation, a non-profit based in Cañon City, is one of the 11 groups leading the outdoor initiative. They are hosting community hiking and biking events Saturday, Oct. 9 and Saturday, Oct. 16, where you can learn more about the recreation opportunities in Cañon City.

“How do people use that recreation amenity, how are they finding it when they come to visit it, are there issues we need to be aware of. We care about each person’s opinion,” said Sack. “We hope to reach all types of people, all kinds of recreationists and land users. From every demographic, every background and every walk of life.”

Elevate the Peak is the first collaboration of its kind, spanning several counties to create a collective vision for the Pikes Peak Region and strategy to move it forward.

“While there are city boundaries and county boundaries, they really don’t exist from a recreation perspective. Wildlife doesn’t care that there are boundaries we’ve drawn on a map. So when it comes to regional conservation efforts, we really should be united,” said Sack.

“We all care so much about the outdoors and we want to hear from you and have you join this effort as well,” said Jewett. “We as a community need to be proactive in protecting this land and making sure it’s here in the future.”

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