El Paso County Sheriff speaks out against proposed Red Flag Bill


The Extreme Risk Protection Orders bill, also known as the Red Flag Bill, has been controversial across Colorado. 

El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder is not in support of the bill, and wants other counties across the state who are against it to speak up. 

“Our intent is to file a lawsuit, or our intent is to find like-minded counties like Weld County, Larmier County and many others that will stand up and agree this is not the right answer,” Elder said.

The Red Flag Bill passed all three readings in the House, but still has to be passed by the Senate. Elder said he will continue to challenge the constitutionality of the law.

“The people who want to take the guns and the people who want to seek mental health treatment are two different schools of thought, but happen to surround one thing,” Elder said.

The bill would allow the temporary seizure of firearms from a person deemed by a court to pose a significant risk to themselves or to others.

Elder said it’s just taking away people’s Second Amendment rights and poses a bigger threat to law enforcement. 

“We don’t want an armed confrontation to be necessary,” Elder said.

Elder said it’s important they start resisting this proposed law now, because if it were to be put into place and the sheriff didn’t enforce it, he could be arrested. 

“Well, you won’t have a choice unless you want to go to jail, because a judge won’t hesitate to throw a sheriff in jail that won’t execute the order,” Elder said. “They can put you in custody for contempt.”

Elder said they are still working on a resolution that will be presented at the Board of County Commissioners meeting next week.

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