(PUEBLO, Colo.) — A competitive eater who made local headlines by eating six pounds of chocolate in preparation for the Slopper Eating Contest at the Colorado State Fair not only won that competition, but also beat Joey Chestnut at a chicken wing competition in New York within 48 hours!

James Webb traveled from Sydney, Australia for a tour of eating championships in the U.S., and has taken the nation by storm. At the State Fair on Saturday, Sept. 2, Webb took home the title of 2023 World Slopper Eating Champion after downing 32 of Pueblo’s signature 9-ounce Sloppers in just eight minutes, narrowly beating defending champ Geoff Esper.

But Webb didn’t stop there. He then went on to beat world champion eater Joey Chestnut at the Wing It On! U.S. Chicken Wing Eating Championship in Orchard Park, New York on Sunday, Sept. 3. Webb ate an astonishing 276 chicken wings in just 12 minutes, setting a new world record.

  • James Webb wins competitive eating competition
  • James Webb wins competitive eating competition
  • James Webb wins competitive eating competition
  • James Webb wins competitive eating competition

“This was only my second time eating against James Webb, and the guy is good. He surprised me, I didn’t know how fast he was,” said Chestnut.

Webb began his competitive eating career only two years ago, just for fun. Now, he’s taking on the best in the world, and seeing the world.

“I’m from Australia and I’ve been doing this for two years,” Webb said. “I started this as a bit of fun and now I get to travel the world eating.”

Webb has been dominating eating competitions all summer:

  • June: Set a new world record in San Diego for doughnuts eaten: 59.5 in 8 minutes.
  • July: Placed third in Nathan’s Hot Dogs Competition in New York.
  • August: Shattered Australia’s sushi-eating record: 100 pieces and two wasabi balls in 3 minutes, 24 seconds.
  • September: Won first place at the Colorado Slopper competition and set a world record with 276 wings consumed in New York.

Webb’s gastronomic tour of the U.S. is far from over, though. He is set to sink his teeth into further challenges as he continues to devour the competition in upcoming contests in New Jersey and Texas.