COLORADO SPRINGS — In 2020, 34 people drowned in Colorado waters, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, setting an unfortunate record.

That year, CPW notes, there were eight drownings by June 7. This year, the organization says, we’ve already seen double digits in drownings.

“A record pace is not something we want to be on,” CPW warned on social media this week.

Several people have died on Lake Pueblo this summer. The park manager there said the temperature of the water this time of year is about 60 degrees.

According to the National Center for Cold Water Safety, people should treat any water below 70 degrees with caution. That’s also the point at which the Center recommends using thermal protection such as wetsuits or drysuits.

That’s because, the Center reports, “water between 50 and 60 degrees can kill you in less than a minute. Not because of hypothermia or incapacitation, but rather because of cold shock.”

“Please stay safe out on the water,” CPW asked.

Check here for their list of safe swimming spots in Colorado.