Dozens of bikers take a Vietnam War MIA & POW Honor Ride from Missouri to Pikes Peak


CASCADE, Colo. — From Missouri to the summit of Pikes Peak, dozens of bikers made their way up America’s Mountain on Saturday to honor the nation’s missing in action and prisoners of war from the Vietnam War.

“The mountain represents the mountain of burden that’s been put on the families. They don’t have any closure,” said Terry Willey, the ride commander with the Liberty Riders of America.

The Liberty Riders of America made the trek from Missouri on two motorized wheels with a distance that means nearly as much as the journey.

“It was 1,584 miles from Springfield, Mo. to the summit and back. 1,584 is the same amount of [service members missing in action] from Vietnam,” Willey said.

Willey served, but not in Vietnam. He said he came in just after the conflict and could see the toll it took on the men who taught him how to serve.

“It’s a code with military brothers, it’s a brotherhood, and the way I look at it is, everybody that served deserves to walk on American soil again or they need to be buried under American soil, and there’s a lot of people that’s not going to get to come home,” he said.

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