(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The restrooms at the Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) Downtown Terminal are closed, effective immediately, for methamphetamine contamination testing, according to a press release from MMT.

The downtown terminal, located at the corner of North Nevada Avenue and East Kiowa Street, previously announced on March 31 that changes were coming to the restrooms, and only passengers and MMT drivers and staff would be allowed to utilize the facilities. This change, at the time it was announced, was in an effort to “curb the unfortunate and inappropriate use and vandalism of the restrooms,” MMT said.

In a follow-up release from MMT on Monday, April 3, MMT stated that a security officer had become ill during a routine inspection of the restrooms on March 30, and had to be taken to the hospital. The security officer was later released, MMT said.

As a precaution, the restrooms were closed and a planned deep cleaning was completed on Saturday, April 1, after which point the decision was made to open the restrooms only to passengers and MMT staff.

On Monday, April 3, MMT said it was made aware that the security officer may have been exposed to methamphetamine, and the restrooms were once again closed. MMT said the restrooms will remain closed until they can be “thoroughly tested,” and MMT said it would perform any mitigation if necessary.

MMT said security was increased at the downtown terminal in November of 2022, and again in January 2023, focusing on the restrooms. Security guards monitor the terminal for “loitering and inappropriate behavior,” MMT said. Janitorial service hours were also increased in March.