Dog accused of attacking a young boy is being held at Humane Society


COLORADO SPRINGS- A one-year-old Saint Bernard is now in custody of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region after it was accused of severely attacking a 5-year-old boy.

According to the family, the boy received 30 stitches from the attack and they requested to have Duke euthanized.

This statement given to FOX21 by HSPPR stated in quote:

“Duke, a 1-year-old St. Bernard, arrived at HSPPR on December 23. Our Animal Law Enforcement team received a call for pickup of the dog from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department following a severe attack on a 5-year-old child requiring emergency treatment. Due to county health department requirements involving bites, the dog has been quarantined at HSPPR.”

“We practice socially conscious sheltering, meaning we work toward the best possible outcome for every animal and the community. Because public safety is a top priority, we work diligently to ensure dangerous animals are kept from harming other animals and people.”

Now, a non-profit rescue from Oklahoma, where Duke was originally adopted from, is doing everything they can to make sure Duke doesn’t get euthanized.

Shannon Synosky, the Director of Adriana’s Saints and Angels Rescue said she drove through the night to stop the euthanization of Duke.

“We feel the circumstances leading up to the incident set our dog up for failure and endangered the life of our animal and her children,” Synosky said.

Synosky told FOX21 that the mother told her she had left her three young children at home by themselves with Duke and their other family dog. She said previous to the attack the mother had contacted Synosky about Duke and their husky shepard mix not getting along.

“The fact that they left the children home alone with two dogs who were aggressively fighting,” Synosky said.

According to a contract required to adopt from Adriana’s Saints and Angels Rescue, that the mother of the 5-year-old signed, states in part:

“I am adopting the animal for myself/ourselves and agrees to not give away, sell, or trade the animal, even as a gift to a friend or family member. The adopter will neither take the animal to a shelter or abandon the animal. I understand that I must nontify ASAR, without delay, if the adopter can no longer care for or keep the animal, and agrees to give ASAR reasonable time to rehome the Dog or place in a foster home...

…I must notify ASAR of any behavioral problems that have occured at any time before the adopter returns the animal, and the adopter agrees to pay for a professional trainer’s evaluation in the case of biting, scratching or aggression….”

Synosky said all she wants is to have Duke back at their rescue so he can go through training and be placed with another family without kids or other dogs. She did file a civil suit against HSPPR.

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