(BLACK FOREST, Colo.) — August is Clear the Shelters month, and one local cat sanctuary is participating with discounted adoption fees to help match up feline friends with a new family.

Wild Blue Cats in Black Forest is offering $30 adoption fees for cats over 5 months old, or you can adopt two cats over 5 months for $50. Kittens are still $110, and barn cats are two for $30.

Barn cats are not quite wild but do require more space and occasionally prefer to be left to their own devices.

“We had a cat that was here for almost a year, her name is Panda Bear. She’s diabetic, I’m diabetic. So I felt such a kinship with her that couldn’t even be explained,” said Sabrina Utter with Wild Blue. “But when she got adopted, they said she was getting adopted, I was clear across town, I got here as fast as I could to say goodbye. Because you really form a bond with some of them.”

Wild Blue will also be hosting an adoption fair and a rescue open house on Saturday, Aug. 12 from noon – 4 p.m.

The adoption fair will be held at the PetSmart in Citadel Crossing, located at 571 North Academy Boulevard, and the open house will be held at the rescue, at 5975 Burgess Road in Black Forest. You can fill out an adoption pre-approval on Wild Blue’s website, and the rescue asks that you bring a carrier for your new kitty companion.