Deer management plan underway in Woodland Park


WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — The towns deer population continues to grow and leaders have had enough.

They’ve put together a task force to help manage the deer population and for the first time they presented their findings and ideas for managing game to city council Thursday.

The city is considering urban archery hunting, but the issue is dividing the community. More than 40 people signed up to talk at the meeting.

A woman whose been living in Woodland Park for more than 40 years said shes had enough and something needs to be done.

“They are a total nuisance, they are destroying everything we have growing in our yards,” Elise Tiest said.

According to the Woodland Park Deer Management Task Force, in 2018 there were 55 deer related accidents causing an average insurance payout of nearly $165,000.

Mayor Neil Levee spoke during Thursday’s meeting and said the deer population keeps growing.

Freedom hunters, a local organization helps disabled veterans want to help if city council goes through with urban archery.

There are proposed rules for this. One must qualify for the archery program and must show they can ethically harvest a deer.

“We are looking at the deer as criminal, they are receiving the death penalty, and it’s not their fault, its the humans fault,” Nancy Glanzer said.

No decision was made Thursday and the council will take time to immerse themselves in the information and will have further discussions about solutions in the future.

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